Feel The Change!
Let us help you feel your best!
Feel The Change!
Let us help you feel your best!
Feel The Change!
Let us help you feel your best!

Welcome to Synapse

“A Touch of Heaven”

We at Synapse focus to relieve aches, optimize your movement, and help you progress and rediscover your freedom. Our Expert therapists are specialized in sport, post-surgical rehab, vestibular rehab, neurological conditions. Our highly skilled therapists are professionals in diagnosing and treating various conditions and provide one on one treatment with various treatment techniques like manual therapy, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation and craniosacral therapy to help you in your journey towards an active pain free life.

Procedure We Use

No Injection,
Pain Killer or Surgery
Fast Pain Relief
with Hands on Therapy
1-on-1 Treatment
With Doctor of Physical Therapy.

We have the hands that care, So you can enjoy freedom again.

To anyone living in persistent pain: it is possible to overcome chronic pain. Don’t Let chronic pain hold you back. You do not have to learn to live with it, or manage it. You can treat it and change it. No matter even if it seems inaccessible, ‘ You can, with the right care’


Most Advance Therapeutic Laser

Insurances We Accept

We accept Medicare and all major insurances. Call our office to see if you are eligible to receive physical therapy at Synapse.

Covid-19 Update 😷

Our staff is taking extra steps to ensure the cleanliness of the clinic space. You may notice some changes that we have implemented to protect our patients and staff.

Currently, we are encouraging patients to stay home if you are not feeling well. Otherwise, we are here and ready to see you for your appointments.

If you have any questions about your appointments, please reach out to us.

It is very important for our patients to understand that you need to get your information from reliable sources. We do NOT recommend that you trust any information posted on social media. This includes re-posts of articles. Always seek out information directly from the source.

We have compiled a list of reliable sources of information about the coronavirus for you.

Coronavirus Resources:

CDC page about Coronavirus

Coronavirus Fact Sheet

California Coronavirus Dashboard